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High Holiday 23 Campaign

High Holidays 2023!

Dear Hillel Family,

High Holidays are a few weeks away and we will be saying, "Shanah Tovah", Happy New Year". 

We want to bring forth affirmations during the new year! No matter how hard or rough it has been for some of us, we all need something positive to give us that drive for a better future. 


For the first time ever, we are having Rosh Hashana in a new space. Our building is closed because our Hillel establishment needs to be rebuilt. Until we can amass the funds to rebuild the building, we will remain at the FBC Community Life Center for the foreseeable future. Right now more than ever, we need to stay as positive as we can in the New Year. We hope that this Rosh Hashana can signify as a New Year resolution; that we will be in a New Hillel by next year. 

Your gift today will help support:

·   Hundred of Jewish students needing a home away from home!

·   Uplifting student-led prayer services for students of all backgrounds

·   Confirmation that Jews are not alone in Oklahoma. 

·   Countless opportunities for students to bond with each other and share their unique Jewish story.


Shalom and we wish you all a very meaningful and hopeful Rosh Hashana,


Your Oklahoma Hillel Family

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