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Dear Hillel Family,

Passover is a few weeks away and we will be saying, "Kol dichfin yeiteiv'yeichol", Let all who are hungry, come and eat". 

This is a common theme all year at our Hillel, but it is especially important during Passover.


Passover reminds us what it means to be a stranger, and the importance of making a home away from home. Our Hillel is that home for 600 Oklahoma college students. Donate today and help ensure that NO student misses out on these important Jewish experiences. Your support means there will always be a chair for them at our table.

Support Oklahoma Jewish Students this Passover. 

Your gift today will support:

·   Hundred of Seder meals for our Jewish students at OU, OSU, UCO, and OCU!

·   Uplifting student-led prayer services for students of all backgrounds

·   A fully stocked pantry with kosher-for-Passover items students can take  whenever they’re in our building (items offered to all campuses).

·   Countless opportunities for students to bond with each other and share their unique Passover story.


Chag Pesach sameach and wishing you a meaningful Passover,


Your Oklahoma Hillel Family

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