Throughout the year we work to strengthen our relationships with one another and our commitment to ensuring that Hillel at The University of Oklahoma remains an anchor in changing times. We strive to create a pluralistic environment in which students feel safe, supported, and enriched to better themselves, their community, and the world. Hillel offers programs, educational opportunities, services, and more on all major and many minor Jewish holidays. We also work closely with our local congregations to ensure that students and the community are able to experience their offerings as well.

We will also update this page with our events and with links to our local congregations' services and events around the upcoming holidays.


Sukkot at Hillel

Sukkot is a weeklong Jewish holiday that comes five days after Yom Kippur. Sukkot celebrates the gathering of the harvest and commemorates the miraculous protection G‑d provided for the children of Israel when they left Egypt. We celebrate Sukkot by dwelling in a foliage-covered booth (known as a sukkah) and by shaking the lulav and etrog (recite a blessing over them, bring them together and wave them in all six directions: right, left, forward, up, down, and backward).

Join us for our events in the sukkah (listed below), or stop by to have a snack or meal anytime between 10 am and 6 pm. To RSVP for Sukkot events, click here!



          Monday, September 20th - Monday, September 27th

  • Monday, September 20th (11 am - 1 pm) Sushi in the Sukkah

  • Tuesday, September 21st (11 am-1 pm) Schmoozeday in the Sukkah

  • Wednesday, September 22nd (11 am-1 pm) Brunch in the Sukkah

  • Thursday, September 23rd (3 pm-5 pm) Sopranos & Sangria in the Sukkah

  • Friday, September 24th (6 pm-7:30 pm) Shabbat in the Sukkah

  • Saturday, September 25th (11 am -1 pm) Parents' Open House Bagel Brunch

*Services, Events and Meals are FREE! Make sure to RSVP on our Upcoming Events page!

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Simchat Torah Services


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Simchat Torah Services


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Simchat Torah Services