Parking Lot Rules

If you are parking for High Holidays, Shabbat, or have been given a day pass from the front office, no permit is required. The entrance to our lot can be found on College Ave, west of our building.

We sell parking each semester to students and faculty at OU. Here are the terms of the parking permit:

  • You will be issued a permit that should be displayed by hanging it from your rearview mirror. If on any occasion you must drive a different car, you are responsible for transferring your permit to the temporary vehicle.

  • YOUR PERMIT IS VALID ONLY DURING THE SEMESTER IN WHICH IT WAS PURCHASED and during the vacation time directly following that semester. New permits are sold at the beginning of each semester and you must purchase a new permit for each semester during which you plan to utilize the Hillel Foundation parking lot.

  • This permit authorizes parking Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 6:00P only (No weekend or evening parking). YOUR PARKING PERMIT DOES NOT AUTHORIZE PARKING ON FOOTBALL GAME DAYS. Parking will be available for an additional cost during game days on first-come-first-first-served-basis.

  • IN THE EVENT THE PARKING LOT MUST BE CLOSED ON ANY GIVEN DAY, notices will be posted (on windshields or via email) prior to that date. It is your responsibility to pay close attention to such notices and for moving your car prior to the announced date; otherwise, you risk having your car towed at your expense.

  • PARKING IS ONLY PERMITTED IN ANY OF THE LINED PLACES. Parking in the middle of the lot, or in the space between the light pole and the back door, WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.  Those parked illegally will be towed at owner’s expense, regardless of valid parking permit.

  • Cars are towed from the lot throughout each academic day, based on sweep-through service by the towing company. The towing company tows anyone parked illegally or parked without a valid permit.

  • The Hillel Foundation staff reserves the right to revoke a parking permit at any time, due to inappropriate behavior, misuse of the permit, misuse of the Hillel Foundation property or disrespect of the Hillel Foundation staff. No refunds will be given for revoked permits.

  • The Hillel Foundation is not responsible for any damage or theft to any automobile parked in the Hillel Foundation parking lot at any time. Park at your own risk.  Please always lock your car and remove all valuables.

  • You must provide all the information requested below at the time you purchase your permit. PRINT CLEARLY!  This is necessary to protect your vehicle as well as to be able to contact you when required.  If you have any questions, please contact the Executive Director at 321-3703.  The Hillel Foundation towing company is Quality Towing (360-1869), located at 4204 Classen Circle.

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