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Leah is a Business Major from Los Angelos, California. Along with being a student, she also serves as a goalie on the women's soccer team! Her favorite thing about Hillel is how super nice and supportive the people are! She also loves the food of course. A fun fact about her is she's a second degree black belt in a martial art called Shaolin Kenpo

Leah Radow

Izzi is a Meteorology major from Atlanta, Georgia. Her favorite things about Hillel is that he she has a home away from home where she can hangout with friends, but more importantly have a family away from home that will support her no matter what. Fun fact about Izzi is she likes eating lemons.

Izzi Ariail

Hayden is a Meterology Major from Dallas, Texas. His favorite thing about Hillel is knowing that whenever he goes there that he will run into a friendly face. A fun fact about him is that he speaks Pig Latin fluently

Hayden Giller

Emily is an Environmental Design Major from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her favorite part about Hillel is for sure the people. A fun fact about her is she loves to paint along with Bob Ross videos. 

Emily Gaston