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Updated on 8/23/21


COVID-19 Safety Protocols as of Fall 2021 

for all students, parents, staff, visitors, vendors, lessors, and guests 


Welcome to our Hillel at the University of Oklahoma, an inclusive community where all students are welcome to enjoy our space, share in our camaraderie, and attend our programs. The safety and well-being of all who enter our premises is our primary concern.  Jewish values teach us that we are all responsible for one another, with an enhanced responsibility for the vulnerable among us – particularly young children, older members of our community and the immunocompromised.  In line with university, local government, and CDC guidelines, we have again tightened our OU Hillel protocols.  


OU Hillel strongly supports the University of Oklahoma’s policy that all staff, students, and faculty be vaccinated. If you have not been vaccinated and would like to receive the vaccine, please let us know and we will help you find a vaccine. Remember, whether you are vaccinated or not, there is a risk that you could be exposed to and transmit COVID-19, so please follow these Hillel health and safety protocols carefully.


I.    Entering this Hillel building and/or participating in Hillel activities is your acknowledgment of any health risk and of your consent and agreement to comply with Hillel’s protocols.  


II.    For the safety and welfare of all – and within the spirit of the Jewish communal practice of caring for each other – both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals must wear a mask upon entering our facility, and always inside our facility, except: 

•    while alone in a private space OR

•    while actively speaking to a group or performing (maintaining a minimum distance of six feet from others). 

III.    No food or drink shall be consumed inside the Hillel building unless the person is alone. Food may be consumed on the patio, or we encourage you to take any food to go. 

Most of us have never experienced anything like this pandemic and its disruptive nature, and its duration is a challenge for us, our families, our organizations.  We pray we are nearing the pandemic’s end.  Our Jewish tradition teaches us to be thoughtful, resourceful, and calm in the face of challenges both small and great – and to assure the health and safety of us all to the best of our ability.  Our sources provide us with many teachings about how to serve each other, our community, and the wider community best during challenging times – and, unfortunately, these times are still with us.  OU Hillel’s staff is here to help you process your thoughts and feelings and to provide you with extra support should you need it.


*** This policy shall remain in effect until a further vote of either the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee, as allowed by the Hillel Foundation at the University of Oklahoma By-Laws. ***