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Racial Justice

Here are some ways that you can support racial awareness and justice:


  • Educate yourself, your children, and other people in your life.

    • Check out this great list of resources from Temple Emanu-El in Dallas (thank you, Anjelica Ruiz).​

  • Use your voice and your platform to raise awareness

  • Donate to local grassroots organizations that are advocating for racial justice

  • Support Black-owned businesses


The fight for racial justice is an ongoing struggle. We must remember that efforts must be continuous in order for us to achieve the change that's needed. Racial injustice isn't just an issue for Black and African American people, it's a human rights issue that requires everyone to listen, learn, and help prevent. (Hillel International, 2020).

Hillel Initiative on Racial Awareness and Justice

LGBTQ+ Equity Resources

Our Hillel strives to uphold the value that all are created in the image of the divine, b'tselem Elohim, and find affirmation in their unique spiritual journeys. Join us as we continue to celebrate the individuals and cultural practices that will advance the collective work for gender justice. 

 If you have resources you would like us to add or notice that a deadline has changed, please let us know so that we can update the page.

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