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  • 1. How do I get involved and is it all right to just show up?
    Absolutely you can just show up! Stopping by any event to say hi, hang out, grab food, or just connect is highly encouraged! Reach out to staff or interns to meet up while our new building is being completed. You can also sign up for our weekly newsletter on our website to get a list of events every week. If you want, you can schedule a coffee date with our Assistant Director to find out more.
  • 2. Do I have to be Jewish?
    No, you do not have to be Jewish. We welcome students from all faiths and backgrounds. Hillel strives to create a diverse, open, and affirming community where everyone feels at "home.' ​
  • 3. Does Hillel have weekly Shabbat services?
    Yes, Hillel hosts weekly Shabbat services for students with dinner beginning at 5 pm and services immediately after at 6 pm. While our new home is being completed, we meet at the FBC Family Life Center (300 W. Comanche). On the first Friday of every month we join one of the three congregations in Oklahoma City or have an informal gathering for a Shabbat meal at a local Norman restaurant. Hillel provides free to-go meals every Friday, just RSVP on our Events page. ​
  • 4. Are there membership fees?
    No, there are no fees to join thanks to our generous donors.
  • 5. What is Jewish life like at Hillel?
    The University of Oklahoma has a very active and growing Jewish community, with opportunities for students to get involved socially, culturally, educationally, and religiously. All students are welcomed and encouraged to participate, as they celebrate their own Jewish traditions and learn about those of other communities. By providing programming based on students’ interests we aim to help you find your own personal connection to Judaism while helping you discover yourself at The University of Oklahoma.
  • 6. How many Jewish students are there at OU?
    Although we do not have an exact number, we estimate anywhere from 350-424 undergraduate students.
  • 7. I'm a parent of an OU student, what can I do to help? "
    You can encourage and support your student to participate in Hillel and the local Jewish community. We are a student-driven organization that is always expanding. We are open to students of all backgrounds and strive to help ensure that your student has the best possible experience at OU. You can also get involved! Contact our director, Kasi Shelton to find out how at
  • 8. Where is Hillel located?
    Our old home is currently under construction, but staff is still in town and ready to meet. We hope to be in our new space Fall 2024 or Spring 2025. We are conveniently located on the corner of Elm Ave. and Boyd St. We sit directly across the street from Catlett Music Center (and sell parking passes for students and OU faculty!). Our address is 494 Elm Ave, Norman, Oklahoma 73069.
  • 9. Does Hillel offer a Birthright trip?
    Yes! Taglit: Birthright Israel is a FREE 10 day to trip to Israel and it is the experience of a lifetime! Hillel offers two trips a year (over winter and summer breaks). There is more information under the Birthright tab or feel free to contact us.
  • 10. Does Hillel celebrate the major Jewish holidays?
    Yes, Hillel offers services and meals for all major Jewish holidays and ensures that students can easily join any of the OKC congregations for minor or major holidays. We can easily provide documentation around any holiday absence for any student who has attended services (or holiday events) with us or another religious organization.
  • 11. Does Hillel serve Kosher food?
    Hillel offers kosher-like food during the week, Shabbat, and other religious holidays, as well as any other programs taking place outside our building. Hillel allows for any student seeking a kosher meal or snack to feel free to raid our kitchen during non-program times. Check out our "Kashrut Policy" page to find more about our Kosher policy. ​
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