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Kasi Shelton


Kasi, a graduate of The University of Oklahoma and native of the Norman and Oklahoma City Jewish Communities, brings a unique perspective to OU Hillel. After spending years as a sommelier and beverage director in NYC, Kasi returned to Oklahoma and began her career in the non-profit sector. She has a master’s degree in non-profit management, is a former educator at Temple B'nai Israel, and has served on the board at Hillel. 

Kasi's passion is our students. Being their partner as they develop into tomorrow's leaders is the greatest gift she has ever been given. When not at Hillel, Kasi loves spending time with family and friends and traveling. She is proud to be a part of this organization, knowing the lifelong impact it has on students, alumni, and community.

Campus Hours: Wednesday 11-1 (DAHT 403A)

Zach is a former student of The University of Oklahoma and our Hillel so this feels like finally returning back home. He received a Master's in Human Relations, guiding him towards a passion for higher education, specifically that in student life and student affairs. He loves working with students and his goal is to make sure you all feel heard, have a safe space, and know that he's always a listening ear.

Zach is here to help make sure your time with Hillel is impactful, engaging, purposeful, and fun! Hillel served as a place for him to further discover his Jewish identity, make life-long friendships, and feel connected to something bigger than himself. In his free time, he loves producing and recording music  (80’s music and movies), skateboarding, spending time with his wife, Andy, and their beautiful daughter Esther. They also have three fur children, Louie, Frankie, and Athena. He is looking forward to meeting each and every one of you! 

Campus Hours: Tuesdays 8-4


Zach Kampf


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Jana Muñoz Sanchez


Jana is a former student of the University of Oklahoma that currently serves Hillel at OU as the Bookkeeper. While attending school, Jana was an active member of Hillel. During all her years at Hillel, Jana not only had the opportunity to learn about Jewish life; but also had the chance to develop long-lasting friendships with other students and current and former Hillel staff members. The thing that she enjoyed more as a student was that Hillel offered her a safe space that allowed her to express herself while learning more about Jewish life. 

In her free time, she likes to work out, spend time with her handsome pug and solve sudoku puzzles. Jana has a deep passion for organization and efficiency. Her guilty pleasures include matcha tea, Kasi’s challah and buying shoes. 

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