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Student Life

We are very lucky to have such an active and vibrant community here at Hillel. Whether it is students stopping by for their favorite weekly lunch,  cheering each other on at sporting events, or relaxing at the end of the week together during Shabbat services. If you are looking to get more involved please feel free to stop by during our scheduled office hours or take a look at our calendar for upcoming events! Below is a highlight of some of our most popular and recurring events!

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Tuesday Schmoozeday allows students to take a break from studies to meet for a free coffee, tea, or a snack of their choice. This a great way to see old friends, make new ones. and hang with your Hillel family!


Stop by Hillel during the week for weekly lunches. Each Monday, we will have a new meal and will post the menu in the kitchen. It is serve yourself, but oh my, the meals are delicious. All meals will be Kosher and marked to identify any dietary restrictions! 


Each Friday (Except the 2nd Friday of the month) we will celebrate Shabbat here at Hillel. Services begin at 6 PM followed by a lovely Shabbat dinner. Shabbat is a great way to end the week on a high note and there is no better way than celebrating with us here at Hillel. 
Please visit Current Events or Spiritual Life to learn more.

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